Audience and Tours


MediaCityUK is home to over 200 businesses and therefore it isn’t possible to offer tours around the entire area.

However, the BBC, who are based here, offer tours of their facilities - which present a chance to take a peek into their offices and studios where they make some amazing shows.

For more information and to book a visit:

Be in the audience

We have a host of programming now transmitted from The Studios, MediaCityUK.

Many of the shows require audiences, so if you’d like to apply for tickets for a show, please follow the links below.*

We also recommend taking a look at:

Applause Store

Standing Room Only (SRO)


Parking Notice

Please note, for those visiting MediaCityUK to see one of the many programmes filmed here, the most convenient car park for you to head for is within The Lowry Outlet.

It’s situated opposite the Studios and is only a five minute walk away.

You can download a PDF information sheet which contains available parking locations and tariffs here.

*We at Peel Media and dock10 do not handle audience ticket requests for programmes made here and cannot be held responsible for any issues arising with regards to audience participation.